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Support Available to Adoptive Parents

There is a lot of support available to people who adopt children in Vermont foster care.

Financial Support

  • There is no fee to adopt a child in Vermont foster care.
  • Project Family will provide you with free adoption services, which includes pre-adoption counseling, finalization services, post-placement visits, and post-adoption counseling.
  • Most of the waiting children are eligible for an adoption subsidy — a monthly payment to help you meet the child’s special needs — until age 18.
  • You may be eligible to claim a federal tax credit when you adopt a child with special needs.


  • Subsidized childcare may be available if you have an accepted need for childcare (e.g., you work outside the home or are attending school) or it’s authorized based on the child’s special needs.

Medical Benefits

  • Most of the waiting children qualify for medical benefits through Vermont Medicaid, which helps to cover the cost of doctor’s visits, prescriptions, hospital care, mental health services, dental care, eye care, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and more.
  • If you live or move out of state, medical benefits may be provided by the other state.

Ongoing Support