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Adoption Homestudy

An adoption homestudy evaluates the appropriateness of your family as an adoptive placement. With very few exceptions, you must have one completed before a child can be placed with you for the purpose of adoption.

The process will help you learn more about yourselves and the kind of child you can best parent. It will also provide us with the information we need to make the best possible match for your family and provide the court with much of the information needed to legally finalize an adoption.

The Process

The evaluation process, the contents of the written report, and the time it takes to complete varies from state to state and agency to agency; however, it typically takes 3 to 4 months to complete and requires the following:

  • Several meetings between your family and an adoption social worker, including at least 1 home visit and 2 face-to-face interviews.
  • Certified copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, civil union certificates, divorce decrees, and dissolution of civil union decrees.
  • Medical health statements for each applicant.
  • A financial statement and most recent tax return.
  • Background checks including, but not limited to, any criminal history, child abuse or neglect substantiations, past-due child support payments, motor vehicle violations, and past or current Restraining/Relief from Abuse orders.
  • Five references.

At the end of the process, the social worker reports his or her findings and recommendations in a written document called the adoption homestudy.