OEO Training Materials

Training materials from events and projects sponsored the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Annual Poverty & Opportunity Training Forum (2018)

Children Who Witness & Helping Their Families Heal
Invitation to Brave Space (a poem)
Restorative Practices & Trauma-Informed Approaches in the Social Service Setting
Substance Use Disorders, Intervention, Treatment & Recovery
The Art of Successful Communicating
Transforming Compassion Fatique to Compassion Satisfaction
Trauma 101: Understanding the Development of Trauma & How it Manifests
VermontABLE Helping People with Disabilities Learn, Earn and Save

Annual Poverty & Opportunity Training Forum (2017)

ABCs of Two-Gen
Beyond - Mindfulness - Based Stress Reduction
Creating Trauma Informed Communities
Pulling in the Same Direction: Two-Generation Strategies to Break the Cycle of Poverty
Transforming Compassion Fatigue to Compassion Satisfaction
Trauma Exposure Response
Trauma Stewardship
Walking   Meditation  with  Shinrin  Yoko 

Annual Poverty & Opportunity Training Forum (2015)

Building Financial Capability: A Planning Guide for Integrated Services
Coaching to Motivate and Build Solutions
De-Escalation of People Experiencing a Psychiatric Crisis
Head Start Family Independence Initiative Demonstration Project
Resolving Ambivalence and Tipping the Balance Toward Change
Succession Planning / Leadership Development
The Basics of Motivational Interviewing or How to be More Effective with Your Clients
The Science of Poverty: Mobility Mentoring™ - From Theory to Outcomes
Using Behavioral Science To Do Good
Using Behavioral Science to Understand and Combat Poverty

Community Webinars

Recorded Webinars

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  1. Housing Opportunity Grant Program (HOP) Notice of Funding & Application
  2. Bed Bugs 101 for Shelters & Supportive Housing Programs
    Click here for the pdf version
  3. Early Childhood & Homelessness: Research, Resources & Partnerships
  4. Housing Protections Required by the Violence Against Women Act

  5. Supporting Kids Together: Homeless Service & Education Partnerships in Vermont
  6. Understanding ADA & Reasonable Accommodation for Homeless Shelter & Service Providers
  7. Fair Housing & Homeless Shelters - What You Need to Know

Shining a Light on Poverty: A Year-Long Series of Discussions on Poverty

OEO sponsored a year-long series of discussions on poverty. The following are presentations from the series.

Your Money, Your Goals

  1. Introduction to Your Money, Your Goals
  2. Talking to the Participant
  3. Self Assessments Coaching and Counseling
  4. Setting your Goals
  5. Setting Goals with Participants
  6. Spending and Savings The Big Picture
  7. Tracking and Analyzing the Tracking Data
  8. Bills and Budgets
  9. Starting Savings
  10. Making Incentives Work
  11. Starting the Debt/Credit Conversation
  12. Debt Management
  13. Resources for Paying Down & Avoiding Debt
  14. Credit Reports What Why and How!!!
  15. Managing credit

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