OEO Training Materials

Training materials from events and projects sponsored the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Recorded Webinars

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  1. Bed Bugs 101 for Shelters & Supportive Housing Programs
    This webinar provides information on how to recognize and investigate for bed bugs, basic prevention techniques, best practices in pest/bed bug management, regulations, and resources available to learn more. 
  1. Early Childhood & Homelessness: Research, Resources & Partnerships
    This webinar provides information on the effects of homelessness on young children, the scale of the issue in Vermont, and resources available to families who are homeless.
  2. Supporting Kids Together: Homeless Service & Education Partnerships in Vermont
    A great webinar for Homeless Education Liaisons, Homeless Shelter and Service Providers (including Domestic Violence Shelters), Community Action Agencies, and Homeless Continuum of Care partners.
  3. Understanding ADA & Reasonable Accommodation for Homeless Shelter & Service Providers
    You want to make sure that your program is serving people with disabilities well and you know that you need to provide "reasonable accommodation", but what does that actually mean in practice? Barb Prine of the Vermont Legal Aid Disability Law Project will provide a basic overview of what the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) means for your clients and your organization. Best viewed as a companion training to the Fair Housing webinar.  Great for staff and board members!
  4. Fair Housing & Homeless Shelters - What You Need to Know
    If your organization provides emergency shelter or transitional housing for people who are homeless, then this webinar is for you! Ellen Maxon, from the Vermont Human Rights Commission, will help explain how fair housing laws impact your work and makes sure those seeking shelter receive fair access. Best viewed as a companion training to the ADA webinar.  Great for staff and board members!

Your Money, Your Goals

  1. Introduction to Your Money, Your Goals
  2. Talking to the Participant
  3. Self Assessments Coaching and Counseling
  4. Setting your Goals
  5. Setting Goals with Participants
  6. Spending and Savings The Big Picture
  7. Tracking and Analyzing the Tracking Data
  8. Bills and Budgets
  9. Starting Savings
  10. Making Incentives Work
  11. Starting the Debt/Credit Conversation
  12. Debt Management
  13. Resources for Paying Down & Avoiding Debt
  14. Credit Reports What Why and How!!!
  15. Managing credit

Poverty & Opportunity Training Forum

On March 31, 2015, over 300 anti-poverty practitioners from across the state attended the Second Annual Poverty & Opportunity Training Forum hosted by OEO.  The following are presentations from that event.

Shining a Light on Poverty: A Year-Long Series of Discussions on Poverty

OEO sponsored a year-long series of discussions on poverty. The following are presentations from the series.

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