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You can use the online application to apply for the following four programs:

  1. 3SquaresVT,
  2. Essential Person,
  3. Fuel Assistance, and
  4. Reach Up.
You can no longer use the online application to apply for health care.
If you are looking for health care in Vermont:
Please visit this page to find out about the programs available and how to apply.

Other DCF Programs

You cannot apply for the benefits below using the online application. Follow the links for info on how to apply.
Helps pay for child care
Helps with a heating crisis during winter months
Helps with emergency basic needs

Helps with home energy costs

Helps you buy fresh, local fruits and vegetables at participating farmers markets
Helps pay for long-term care services

Medicaid for individuals applying based on being age 65 or older, blind, or disabled.

Helps make phone service more affordable
Helps pay for prescription medicines
Helps lower-income Vermonters afford to have their pets spayed or neutered.
Helps improve the energy efficiency of homes


Right To A Timely Decision.
Learn about your right to a timely decision on an application.

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