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Use this online application to apply for:

  1. 3SquaresVT - Helps people to buy food
  2. Essential Person - Helps people to pay for essential, live-in care at home
  3. Fuel Assistance - Helps people to heat their homes
  4. Reach Up - Helps families with children to become more independent

Click on the links above to learn about the eligibility requirements for each program.

The Application Process

  1. Read these instructions before you apply.
  1. Apply for benefits.

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Technical Difficulties: If you have any problems using the online application, please email us or call 1-800-479-6151 during regular business hours.

Other Programs Available Through DCF

Click here to learn about other programs available through DCF, including Child Care Financial Assistance, Energy Assistance, Phone Assistance, Weatherization and more.

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