Children Waiting for Adoptive Families

All waiting children have experienced some degree of abuse, neglect, and loss. Listings are intended to introduce you to the children who need families. For a fuller understanding of a particular child, follow up with the listed contact.  

Alex, 17-year-old boy

Alex enjoys riding his bike and being active. He would love to ride snow mobiles and 4 wheelers! Read more.

Andy, 15-year-old boy

Andy loves the outdoors. He enjoys traveling, camping, snowboarding, ice skating, golf and baseball. Read more.

Ashton, 10-year-old-boy

Ashton is a bright and athlete boy who enjoys basketball, baseball and lacrosse. He is looking for family that will be in the stands to cheer him on! Read more.

Brenden, 15-year-old boy

Brenden enjoys swimming and exploring the bottoms of lake. He would like family that enjoys the water. Read more.

Danielle, 13-year-old-girl

Danielle likes to swim, she loves animals and four-wheeling. She's a small town girl, and  enjoys being outdoors. Read more

Devin, 13-year-old boy

Devin enjoys cooking, singing, watching TV, fishing, playing video games, and bowling. He does not like cauliflower! Read more.

Emily, 14-year-old girl

Emily enjoys playing basketball, swimming, shopping, reading, dressing up, baking and watching movies. Read more.


Jason, 16-year-old boy

He enjoys being outdoors, learning things about history, telling stories and drawing pictures to go along with the stories.  Read more.

Johnny, 8-year-old boy

Johnny enjoys riding his bike, snowboarding, coloring, playing with other kids, contemporary country music, and dancing. Read more.

Joseph, 13-year old boy

Joseph enjoys riding his bike, watching movies, playing video games, and laughing. Read more.

Josh, 13-year-old boy

Josh loves fishing, playing and watching sports, and listenting to music. He has an excellent sense of humor. Read more.

Kalobe, 14-year-old boy

Kalobe is a young man who enjoys a variety of outdoor activites, as well as playing board games and cards. His favorite foods are pizza and chicken. Read more.

Katie, 15-year-old girl

Her favorites things include puzzles, reading, going to McDonalds, playing the guitar, cooking and baking, stuffed animals, comic books, and Disney movies/music. Read more.

Koree, 16-year-old boy

He likes playing basketball, sledding, playing with his friends, and playing video and computer games. His favorite activity is playing chess. But watch out! He’s pretty good. Read more.

MaKenna, 13-year-old girl

MaKenna enjoys coloring, swimming, camping, singing and playing games. She likes all foods, especially Ice Cream! Read more.

McKenzie, 16-year-old girl

McKenzie enjoys reading, baking ,cooking, playing cards, taking walks, and drawing. She is NOT a picky eater, but rather enjoys a variety of foods! Read more.

Raven, 13-year-old boy

Raven enjoys Taekwondo, listening to music, building things, and anything to do with the outdoors. Read more.

Selina, 13-year-old girl

Selina enjoys singing, shopping, horseback riding, taking care of animals, being with friends and watching movies. Read more.  View the video.

Stanley, 13-year old boy

Stanley enjoys playing computer games and fishing. He has expressed an interest in learning how to snowboard. Read more.

Tessa, 16-year-old girl

Tessa loves animals, music, and art. She also enjoys going for walks and going out to eat. Read more.

Wayne, 16-year old boy

Wayne enjoys horseback riding, playing video games, watching TV, and riding – dirt bikes, snow mobiles, and go carts. Read more.