The Child Development Division provides grants to individuals and programs in Vermont based on specific criteria. The grants are meant improve outcomes for families and children in Vermont.

Professional Development Grants
Grants available to Vermont early childhood and afterschool professionals who are taking specific training activities. Grants are also available to regional and statewide organizations that offer professional development opportunities.

Quality Improvement Grants
Grants are regulated early childhood and afterschool programs that are working on or have achieved national accreditation.

Individual Professional Recognition Bonuses
Bonuses are available to Vermont professionals that work in regulated early childhood and afterschool that have achieved specific professional certificates, credentials and degrees.

Special Accommodations Grant
Application to support accommodations for children with special needs in a Vermont regulated early childhood, school-age, or family child care program.

Extraordinary Financial Relief for Child Care Centers
In order to protect Vermont families in areas of the state with high poverty rates from the closing of child care center providing full time or part time care for their children, this financial assistance may be sought by child care centers that are at imminent risk of failure (closure). 

Strengthening Families Child Care Grants

The Child Development Division (CDD) has a long history of providing targeted grants to high quality child care programs. The purpose of these grants has been to help low income and/or at-risk children gain access to high quality services that are part of a family’s protective services plan.

Currently, CDD grants to high quality programs incorporate research from the national Center on the Study of Social Policy about how high quality programs can intentionally strengthen families through specific policies and practices. This grant to a high quality child care program is one of the “Strengthening Families Grants” because of this.

To receive this Strengthening Families Grant, the Subrecipient has applied for the grant and has agreed to continue to meet the following criteria:

  • Have an enrollment of 25% participation in the CDD Child Care Financial Assistance Program
  • Have 4 or 5 stars in Vermont’s STep Ahead Recognition System (STARS)
  • Have CDD Specialized Child Care Provider status
  • Provide a range of comprehensive services  to children and families, including determining children’s overall health and relationship to medical insurance, a medical home and related health services.
  • Commit to program strategies identified in the Strengthening Families approach as primary prevention strategies that support and strengthen families (see a description of the Strengthening Families approach at and at

The 2014 Strengthening Families Grants have been awarded. Click here for a list of grantees. Check back in the spring of 2016 for the next round of grant application opportunities. Click here for more information about the expectations of the programs that received Strengthening Families Child Care Grants.

W-9 Form
Individuals who have never received payments from the Department for Children and Families, Child Development Division will need to complete the W-9 form and send it with your bonus application. This form is required for the division to make payments.