Information for CIS Providers

The following information is designed to help regional agencies who provide Children's Integrated Services with their work.

CIS Staff Guidance and Information

Information for new CIS Intake Coordinators.


Contact information for support resources.

CIS Blog

Look for information and updates on CIS on the CIS Blog at If you haven't signed up to receive this blog please do so in the sign up section. Please send comments to If you would like information posted on the blog please submit it to using the blog post request template.

Tools for CIS Providers

Tools for CIS Providers including the AHS Consumer Information and Privacy policy, CIS Consent Guidance, CIS Team Assessment Tool, and more.


Reports related to Children's Integrated Services including the CIS Family Support Services Pilot Evaluation Report, IDEA Part C reports, and more

Substance Abuse Treatment Providers

This link is to the Vermont Department of Health, and the list approved Vermont substance abuse treatment programs may also offer educational materials and presentations, crisis services or employee assistance programs.


These are trainings for CIS providers around issues that may be present with families.