Child Care Financial Assistance in Vermont

Child care financial assistance (also known as child care subsidy) is a payment that helps eligible families with the cost of child care. Payments are made directly to child care providers.

Am I eligible for child care financial assistance?

To be eligible for child care financial assistance your family must:

  1. Have an accepted service need (a reason) for child care; and
  2. Meet current income guidelines.

    Use the Subsidy PreScreening Tool to see if you qualify for child care benefits. It's quick and it's confidential.

How do I apply for child care financial assistance?

There are two ways to apply:

For additional information about the Vermont Child Care Financial Assistance Program view the Financial Assistance Parent Booklet.

Other types of financial assistance:

  1. Utilize child care tax benefits.
    There are several federal and state tax credits that can reduce the amount of taxes you owe. Find out more about tax benefits you may be eligible to receive.

  2. Ask your provider about scholarships and or sliding fee scales.
    Some families who do not qualify for child care financial assistance still struggle to make ends meet. Ask your provider if they provide scholarships or determine rates upon ability to pay.
  3. Check with your employer.
    Some employers are able to support working families and rising child care costs. Ask your employer about the option to deduct child care expenses prior to taxes, child care contributions, flextime, and onsite child care benefits.


Page last updated 10/15/2013