Safe Havens for Babies in Vermont

Vermont’s Baby Safe Haven Law offers you safe places you can give up your baby—anonymously and legally.

To be covered by the law, you must hand the baby to a volunteer or employee at a Safe Haven:

  • Fire or police station;
  • Health care facility;
  • Place of worship;
  • Adoption agency licensed in Vermont; or
  • Place an emergency responder, contacted through 911, agrees to meet you to receive your baby.


How it Works

For more details, please see "How it Works".

If you are Unsure and Want Help

Please call 1-800-649-4357 during normal business hours. We can refer you to a public health nurse in your area who can:

  • Help you find pre-natal care and transportation to pre-natal appointments.
  • Give you advice about your options.
  • Help you find financial assistance and other support if you choose to keep your baby.
  • Refer you to an adoption agency who can help you make an adoption plan for your baby.
If this is an emergency, call 911.  Please Don't Abandon Your Baby. There Is A Better Way.
Photo by Kathy Pintair of Ambient Photography